Thursday, July 06, 2006

Magic month's Top-10

Fifa has shortlisted the 10 players among which the top-3 players of this World Cup will be chosen. The condition (wrong, in my opinion) was, that they belonged to teams that had reached the semi-finals.

In my opinion, players like Joe Cole, Robben or Maxi Rodriguez could find a place in this list, had their teams reached the semi-finals.

Among the semi-finalists, Figo, Ricardo and Lahm could also have their names on.

However, rules are rules and these are the top-10 players:

Henry (FRA)
Vieira (FRA)
Zidane (FRA)
Ballack (GER)
Klose (GER)
Buffon (ITA)
Cannavaro (ITA)
Pirlo (ITA)
Zambrotta (ITA)
Maniche (POR)

My choice (among these):

1. Cannavaro
2. Zidane
3. Zambrotta


m said...

MIguel e mai nada ! lol

falcao said...

É um escandalo o Ballack tar aqui. Odeio lobbies..

Já agora a minha escolha:

1- Zidane
2- Cannavaro
3- Vieira

El-Gee said...

buffon e maniche tb estao um bocadinho a mais, na minha opiniao. esta regra de terem de ser semi-finalistas é um bocado exagerada, na minha opiniao

falcao said...

Buffon; Miguel, Cannavaro, Thuram, Zambrotta; Vieira, Pirlo, Maxi, Zidane e Figo; Henry

Treinador: Felipão

El-Gee said...

Buffon; Zambrotta, Cannavaro, Puyol, Ashley Cole; Zidane, Vieira, Figo, Kalynichenko; Henry, Klose

(fui até aos oitavos)

Sem ir aos oitavos, Thuram ou Gallas em vez de Puyol.

Treinador: Hiddink