Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cigarettes and Sticky Carpets

Gostei da maneira como esta gente se define:

"Cigarettes and Sticky Carpets

New Found Frequency has seen more late nights, more beer soaked bar stools and more cigarette burns than any other company pretending they know live music. (...) New Found Frequency founders have lived in touring vans, slept in train stations, carried tons of road gear and have eaten more roadside deep fried food than total liters of petrol pumped. We know cigarettes and sticky carpets - because we live it. We breath it. We love live music. All members of New Found Frequency in one way or another are directly connected or entirely involved in the live music industry, from music producing, engineering, recording, performing, writing, touring, you name it - we're doing it. We've cut through all the smoke filled pubs and clubs of every sticky carpet live music venue in the country and around the world; to build the most diverse and extensive live music database of Australian and international live music content."

Ja agora.."dire for dire faces"


(Tokyo Police Club)

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